Triple Berry Brightening Facial

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Light up the room with this skin rejuvenating treatment that targets skin dullness — loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to reveal a more hydrated, even toned complexion. Raspberry enzyme exfoliation paired with the Australian Super Berry mask, and skin brightening lactic and mandelic AHAs leaves skin smoother, brighter and soft to the touch.

ONLY $135

We love that we have a website to help you see all the great services we provide. Sadly, when we provided online bookings it caused so many scheduling conflicts, we had to stop. So please call 772-600-8688 between 9am-7pm to Make an Appointment. This will let us provide you the best service, and avoid over-bookings.

If you want to provide a Spa Treatment as a gift, we do have Gift Certificates on the site.